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April 24 – Corrosion Awareness Day

The original concept of Corrosion Awareness Day was to get local corrosion associations to work with universities and industry to develop and implement educational programs for the general public that would be easy for them to understand.

More than a dozen years on from the announcement of the Day, the effects of these activities are beginning to become apparent, with several events designated as CorrosionAwaressDay this year alone. Globally, there are more and more of them, the World Corrosion Organization website shows the events reported there, and these are not all that have taken place or will take place soon.

Those who want to learn more about corrosion losses are invited to read Agnieszka Królikowska’s article Direct corrosion losses amount to 3% of GDP, or 69.7 billion zlotys. Worth recovering Article available free of charge.

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