Monthly scientific and technical journal of the Association of Chemical Engineers and Technicians.
Authors receive 40 points for the publication of a scientific article in accordance with the MEiN announcement of 1.12.2021.


Journal of Corrosion Protection: 70 MEiN points, Journal Impact Factor 0.2

The journal Protection against Corrosion received 70 points of MEiN (list of scientific journals and conferences as of 18.07.2023).

This means that for scientific articles published in the journal from January 2023. authors receive 70 points.

For the first time, this year, a Journal Impact Factor (JIF) has been awarded to a journal and is 0.2 for 2022.

You are cordially invited to publish scientific articles in the journal, in 2023-2024 we implement the agreement with the Ministry of Science and Technology, we provide, among other things. free translation of articles into l. English.

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